Advantage that you can enjoy with our APET film is environmental awareness, high impact strength, and safety from direct food contacting. With advanced technology and accumulated experience in the filed of PET and PVC film industry, we have constantly enhanced product quality.
- Prominent transparency and surface gloss compared to other resins
- Tolerance to reagent and oil
- Excellent air-blocking effects
- Good maintenance for tastes and flavor of foods
- Good feature for vacuum extrusion
- Tolerance to low temperature impact
- No environment pollution
- Excellent resistance to bending
Food packaging
Case and tray for confectionery, bakery, fruits, vegetable, fishery, meat products and dairy products, beverage cups, containers and lids for ingredients, lids for ice cream

Blister packaging

Toys, accessories, batteries, commodities

Medical packaging

Containers for medical supplies, optical devices
General usage
Case for cosmetics, dolls, sports stuffs, writing materials, common box type cases, and other stuffs
Color Natural transparency of clear
Thickness 0.20 mm - 1.20 mm
Width 500 mm - 1500 mm
Diameter 800 mm () MAX
Core Inside 3" or 6" paper core
Thickness tolerance 3%
Density 1.34 gr/cm
Width tolerance 1 mm - 0 mm
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